Kit Mini Small - 7 Basic Stitches

$ 45 

Start your first embroidery stitches with jouer art 7 basic stitches mini kit for beginners, a sampler pattern to learn 7 basic stitches with a step by step instructions plus a Doodling rainbow design of the 7 basic stitches in order to practice and consolidate your knowledge, once you finished you will not be a Novice and you can pass to the next level (intermediate).

Mini Small Kits include: 2x original artwork printed on supreme cotton with premium ink by Jouer Art House/ 1 Needle made in France /Embroidery Threads with enough quantity to stitch the Design/ QR code for the PDF Booklet (30 PAGES) Gift Box with jouer art Ribbon.

This Pattern is suitable for Beginners .

We aim to process each order between 3 and 5 business days, in case we are having sale or sold out , please allow us up to one week.

You will need more supplies to achieve your project: A connected Mobile Device to open you QR code booklet/ 13cm hoop / small sharp scissors .

Why can I not return the mini small kit? Please note that your selected kit is custom-made by Jouer Art House (Printed Fabrics) and is produced on demand. As such, we regret to inform you that we cannot refund items printed on demand.

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