PUPPY Gel Ink Pen for Fabric Transfer

$ 3,99 

Bleu Ink

This cute gel Pappy pen make your embroidery Pattern Transfer more fun ,smooth and practicle ,once you finished your stitching , just ease with any Heat source you have ( Iron, Hair dryer...) and VOILA! ...disappear like Magic!

This Item contain : 1X Puppy gel pen ,ease with heat or frixion . Color ink : Bleu

This item is suitable for Beginners ,Intermediate and Advanced stitchers.

We aim to process each order between 3 and 5 business days, in case we are having sale or sold out , please allow us up to one week.

Is this gel pen ink can be used on any fabric ? Yes, however ,The ink can reappear when exposed to very cold temperatures. and can be erased again with heat/ We recommend to test any pen you want to use , on a small piece of your project fabric before to trace the entire design.

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